Seminars & Webinars

Educate and inspire your team around their own mental wellbeing through engaging onsite seminars and online webinars


Informative and engaging talks on a wide range of mental health topics

By sharing the latest teachings on a wide range of mental health topics, we can inspire employees to take charge of their mental wellbeing and create a workplace of active learning and understanding. Our talks are designed to give a brief overview of a subject and provide tips and suggestions related to personal situations and behavioural changes.

Talks are both informative and enjoyable, delivered in a way that is interactive, engaging and fun. That way, you are educating and empowering employees around their mental health, while also providing them with a fun social event


Our partners in Spectrum Wellness, provide a range of seminars and webinars aimed at focusing on addressing common mental health challenges and more general mental wellbeing themes. Some of the more popular topics include:

  • Building Resilience

  • Habits of Happiness

  • Overcoming Anxiety

Additionally, in Spectrum Mental Health, we have the clinical expertise to develop bespoke, targeted seminars and webinars around more sensitive topics. For examples, this might include:

  • Addiction

  • Sudden Loss & Bereavement

  • Substance Use in the Workplace


"By providing your employees with access to engaging, exciting and informative mental health seminars and webinars, you give your whole team a greater understanding of wellbeing, and encourage them to take ownership of their own personal health goals."


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