Onsite Psychology Clinics

Provide your employees with access to high quality mental health support, conveniently located in the workplace


Readily available onsite care 

We have the clinical team and the operational expertise to provide onsite psychology clinics of exceptional quality. We have various options available to assist you in supporting the mental health of staff companywide, or addressing an issue that a team, department or the organisation is finding challenging.

We can arrange for one of our highly trained and experienced clinical or counselling psychologists to be onsite, within your organisation, on a once off or regular, ongoing basis, depending on the needs of the company. Employees can present directly to the psychologist for support and recommendations. Onsite clinics can take drop-in appointments or be set up with a booking system managed by our case management team.

Please note, while these psychologists would be physically based onsite, they are essentially acting in a private primary care capacity and would not be able to provide detailed reports as usual policies of privacy and confidentiality would apply.


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