Mental Health First Responders

Train a cohort of your employees to deliver support and immediate care to colleagues experiencing a crisis or distress in the workplace


The first line of defence.

By training a number of employees to better understand common mental health problems and effective, immediate interventions, our REACH programme offers an effective way employers can breakdown stigma and create a space where staff feel able to share and seek help when they are struggling.

Just as conventional first aiders administer help to a physically injured person, trained REACH Mental Health First Responders are equipped to deliver immediate care to a person who might be experiencing a personal crisis or developing a mental health issue. Employees are not trained to be mental health professionals, rather develop understanding, basic skills training & awareness re: accessing support.

The REACH Mental Health First Responders course is a 2 day course, delivered by experienced and fully qualified mental health professionals. The programme can be delivered to a maximum of 20 people.

Who Should Attend?

While any employees can attend, our strong recommendation would be that the REACH course is made available to all employees, at every level of the organisation, where anyone interested can volunteer for the training. This is the best way of ensuring that attendees are enthusiastic and engaged in the training and dedicated to their role as a First Responder.

Managers and HR personnel are more than welcome to attend and undergo the Mental Health First Responder training, as often times they are in the best position to spot signs of a mental health issue and to provide the necessary help. However the training should not be made mandatory for a specific group or team, as it is received better where there is buy in from the individuals themselves.


"Using evidence based and engaging material, this course will give all attendees a basic understanding of mental health, common difficulties and disorders, along with a special focus on positive mental health, its importance and how to promote it."


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