HR Mental Health Services

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Spectrum Mental Health Is..

Combined with our experience and clinical expertise, the knowledge and insights that you have, can really help us in designing the most fitting strategy for your company.

The more information we have from you in the beginning the better, as this helps us to understand and address the complexities of your business. To this end, we offer a unique, expert led consultation service, where a member of our senior clinical team will meet with you to go through any and all insights you might have, that could be relevant to the mental health of your team.


During the consultation, through a collaborative discussion we will aim to:

  • Build a profile of the company, looking at factors such as site breakdown, working environments, job roles worked and employee demographics

  • Learn about the current company culture, existing policies and historical events that may shape all future strategies

  • Understand the company’s key priorities, aims and objectives

  • Assess and consider any interventions that were trialled in the past and whether these were found to be effective or not

  • Gather and examine any information the organisation has available that could be relevant to the mental health of the company including absenteeism rates, data around utilisation of current health services (e.g. EAP, Occ Health)

  • Work to understand the unique challenges faced by the company and the potential psychological stressors experienced by the various cohorts of employees across the company

With this much shared insight, we can then work to design a clinically robust mental health strategy that effectively meets the bespoke needs of your organisation and engages the maximum number of employees for the maximum impact.


To find out more about our Consultation Services, download our brochure, send us a message, or call us on 01 518 0494


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Download our brochure for a full outline of our corporate services and get in touch to discuss designing a mental health strategy that meets your needs