Premium mental health services for you and your team

With modern and engaging, clinically robust services, we can help you understand, empower and support your people, helping you to improve and build on the mental health of your company.

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Who we are and what we do



With a team of highly trained, experienced and fully qualified psychologists and psychotherapists, we can provide a range of premium level mental healthcare services to you and your employees. We can work with you to put together a mental health strategy that works, providing you with the support and services you need to create a workforce that is healthier, happier and more productive than ever before.


We only use fully qualified and accredited mental health professionals in the delivery of our services

We are very selective when it comes to our team, allowing only the most appropriately trained professionals to deliver our services. The team is made up of fully qualified, highly experienced clinical and counselling psychologists, and psychotherapists. We require all clinicians to be accredited members of the recognised governing bodies related to their professional identity.

We provide a wide variety of mental health services to thousands of corporate clients

We have a wealth of experience in creating bespoke mental health strategies to meet each of our clients' specific needs. We can design and implement tailored programmes that can help any company, regardless of industry, size or budget available, to support and engage their employees.


Understanding Your

We can work with you in order to assess and understand your company’s mental health requirements using our online screening and consultation services

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EAP & Critical Incident

We can provide your employees with easy access to effective and engaging, preventative and reactive mental health support

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Training Your

Our training programmes can empower your people around their own mental health and provide them with key skills needed to support others in need

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Psychology Clinics

We have the clinical team and the operational expertise to provide onsite psychology clinics of exceptional quality

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Creating Mental Health Ambassadors

We can help you tackle stigma by recruiting Mental Health Ambassadors to publicly share their stories of overcoming mental health difficulties

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Occupational Psychology Services & more

We have a number of options to support employees facing complex mental health issues including assessments, intervention and referral pathways into ongoing care

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We work with you to understand and meet the specific mental health needs of your company.

Every organisation, much like every individual, is different and will vary greatly in the mental health strategy it needs. We can work collaboratively with you to design and implement a truly tailored and bespoke package of services that effectively meets your organisational goals.

Bringing our expertise and vast experience across both clinical and corporate settings, we will work with you to gather the explicit data and implicit company knowledge needed to create and deliver the services most fitting for you and your needs.


We maintain the highest clinical standards across all of our services.

We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining strict clinical standards across all of our services, ensuring that each and every individual gets the best and most appropriate care possible.

Our services are only ever provided by experienced and fully qualified professionals, who use carefully selected, evidence-based measures, models and therapeutic interventions. You can rest assured that anything we deliver is in line with the highest clinical standards and most up to date research. To ensure all our services meet this level of quality, we have a unique clinical governance structure to oversee and review all that we do.



We have the resources and technology to deliver flexible and modern services to achieve maximum engagement and optimal results.

In recognition of the different constellations of working environments that exist today, we can provide our services across a variety of mediums to ensure we can reach, engage and support as many employees as possible.

We have embraced the digital age so that, alongside traditional onsite and face to face services, we can provide online and remote services, using the most modern technology available.  This flexibility in delivery ensures we maximise engagement and grant each and every employee the freedom to control their own mental health journey, from wherever they are.


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