Daniela Carvalho

Counselling Psychologist

Daniela’s Qualification & Education

Daniela is a clinical psychologist and a current graduate member of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland). She obtained her master's degree at the Faculty of Psychology - University in Lisbon, Psychodynamic approach complemented with Social Psychology. She also complemented the degree with an internship with the Santa Maria Hospital, Psychiatric and Mental Health Services.

Daniela’s Experience

Daniela has experience working in different clinical settings and with clients from multiple age groups. Her experience is mostly with adults, but she has also worked with children and adolescents. Her clients experienced a wide range of difficulties and diagnosis, from depression to grief, anxiety and addiction. Clinically, Daniela approaches assessment and intervention using a Psychodynamic therapy, which enables the client with the time, the space and the relation to help them understand and change what is making them not to be where/what they want to.