Critical Indicent Support

We can help you prepare for and cope with any critical incident or traumatic event experienced by you and your team 


Prepare, plan, react and support

A critical incident in the workplace is an unexpected, potentially traumatic event that may involve some form of loss, injury, violation or death.

While some industries are particularly prone to traumatic events, critical incidents, can happen anywhere, at any time. Therefore, it is important to have resources and plans in place in case a critical incident occurs that could affect the wellbeing of one employee, a team of employees or even the whole organisation.

To help an organisation prepare for and cope with any critical incident or traumatic event, we can provide market leading support in the form of Critical Incident Stress Management, also known as CISM. While CISM is often accessed in an acute crisis management situation, the intervention also includes pre-incident preparedness as well as post-crisis follow-up.


Pre-Incident Preparedness Training

Most crises are predictable and if they can be predicted, they can be planned for. With this in mind, it can be beneficial for organisations to plan and prepare for critical incidents by completing a pre-incident preparedness workshop.

Our Pre-Incident Preparedness Workshop can be delivered to management, HR, team leaders or other well placed personnel. The Preparedness Workshop can train and educate these key members of staff around the correct steps and procedures to implement following a critical incident. Having individuals within the organisation specially trained in this way allows organisations to immediately and proactively put in place the protocols to manage the initial phase of crisis management, before any the required external support begins.

At the end of the training, the attendees and the organisation will have a clearly understood and well-defined plan of action to put in place to minimise distress and disruption in the face of an unforeseen crisis.

Acute Crisis Response

Our response to any critical incident is fast, effective, comprehensive and based on clinical research and best practice.

In the event of a critical incident you can reach out to our 24/7 dedicated phone line, manned by our case management team, who can provide advice and expertise and engage our team of specialists to deliver the most appropriate onsite support services. This can include consultations with management around best responses, as well as group debriefing and or one to one psychology appointments for anyone affected.

Currently our Crisis Response Service is only available to clients of our EAP. This is due to the rapid response timeframe required for delivering on-site CISM interventions.

Immediate Telephone Support & Advice

Group Debriefing

Individual Sessions

Onsite Management Consultations

Conference Call with Senior Clinic Team

Individual Offsite Sessions


24/7 Telephone Support & Advice

We have a dedicated critical incident phone line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that day or night, whenever a crisis occurs, there’s somewhere for you to turn


Onsite Services

Using our wealth of experience and expertise we can plan and deliver the most appropriate onsite services to minimise employee distress and business disruption in the face of a critical incident. Depending on the specifics of the event, the employees affected and the needs of the organisation at large, our CISM specialists can provide a number of different onsite support services.

  • Onsite Management Consultations

  • Group Debriefing

  • Individual Sessions

Additional Services

  • Conference Call With Senior Clinical Team

  • Individual Offsite Sessions


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