Creating Mental Health Ambassadors

Give your employees the opportunity to share their lived experiences of mental health issues, as well as the support they need to do so


Create lasting change

Employers can play a significant role in improving mental health, by creating a culture of openness around emotional wellbeing within their organisation.

Our Mental Health Ambassadors programme is aimed at doing just that. By creating and supporting Ambassadors across the company who will proudly open up about their own mental health journey, we can challenge negative preconceptions, normalise mental health issues and demonstrate that they can happen to anyone, at any time.


How it works

  • Employees volunteer to become Ambassadors by registering and completing a brief questionnaire.

  • Applications are screened and those most suitable are met by our psychologists for a short interview.

  • Successful candidates record their stories across a variety of media.

  • Identity of the Mental Health Ambassadors is revealed, and their captivating stories are shared company wide.


The purpose of the Mental Health Ambassadors programme is to serve as a key step in tackling the stigma surrounding mental health both within an organisation and in the wider society


To find out more about our Mental Health Ambassadors programme, download our brochure, send us a message, or call us on 01 518 0494


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